Registration Process

  • Contact the nursery to arrange a viewing: Call (01322-87-5555) or email ( the nursery to arrange a viewing of our lovely nursery. 

    Viewing: Our lovely staff will take you round the setting and show you the various sections. Once you are shown round, we are confident of the fact that you would want to register your child and this leads us to the next step.

    Registration: At this stage you pick up a registration form from the nursery or print one off this website and drop it off at the nursery or send it via email once it’s all filled up. To secure your space at the nursery you are required to pay a deposit * of two weeks based on the session your child will be accessing at the nursery as well as a registration fee*. This deposit is refundable once your child is leaving the setting or could be used to pay towards his last month at the setting. You will also be given various booklets containing more information about the nursery.

    Booking settling in days: We will make arrangement for you to come for settling sessions with your child in the setting and you have the opportunity to speak with your child key person and let them know things about your child that you would like to share with them. These sessions are free and we advise that they be as close to the date your child will be resuming at the nursery as possible.

    Resumption: the next thing is for your child to resume at TWCN and we work alongside you to make the transition and interesting and tension free one for both you and your child.

    * Any child accessing just the Free Early Education hours will not be required to pay a deposit or registration fee.