Every Child is a Winner

Welcome to The Winning Child Nursery. A Dartford based nursery that provides an environment for your child to flourish.

Our best offer for your child

We offer both full and part-time positions for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years and aim to provide an affordable and high quality childcare in a stimulating, spiritually conducive, enabling and child friendly environment that is “a home away from home” for children in Dartford and its environs.

Our current Ofsted rating is: Good

Secure Outdoor Play Areas

6 Months to 5 years

Free for 2 Scheme

Free Early Education


TWCN is a place where ”Every child is a Winner."

We strive to create a fair, caring and stimulating environment for Children, Staff and Parents.

We strive to create an atmosphere where children and staff look forward to their day.

We strive to lay a basic Christian foundation for children in our care (with permission from parents).

We work in partnership with parents to build strong relationships, with communication being the key.

We invest in our people and buildings.

We are honest and ethical in everything we do.

We accept responsibility for our action.

Our Forest School

At TWCN, our Forest school is a nature-based outdoor learning program that focuses on holistic development and growth in children.

Connecting Children with Nature

We see it as an opportunity to take children into the great outdoors to explore the natural environment.

Our Mission

Our practitioners make use of the four themes of the development matters in the (EYFS) to meet individual needs of the children. These themes are:

To provide affordable and high quality childcare in a stimulating, spiritually conducive, enabling and child friendly environment.

To role model to children how and why they should treat living things and the environment with care and concern.

We will help children to express their feelings and behave in appropriate ways, developing an understanding of right and wrong, and why.

We recognise each child is an individual and respect them as being strong, unique, and capable and having rights.

Aim to be “a home away from home” for children in our care.

We will celebrate the main Christian festivals and the children will develop an awareness of other faiths.

We believe in working hand in hand with you as parents/carers to give your children the best possible start in life by exposing them to opportunities, people and activities that will enable them to “catch” virtues and values that will prepare them as they go and grow through life.

Children will be made aware of cultural and religious events and we will encourage them to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and to show respect for people of other cultures and beliefs.


Creating the best moments with your child


What parents say about us

Good nursery with caring and friendly stuff, my both 3 years old and 11 months old baby are enjoying being there.

Denisa King


A friendly environment for children to learn and feel at home and the staffs are wonderful people. I will recommend to my friends.

Abi O.